Garrett County and Natural Gas - Risks and Benefits

A selection of categorized links to allow one to assess the risks and benefits of gas development in Garrett Conty.

Garrett County Montage


Tourism is under the greatest threat to Garrett County should Marcellus Shale gas development proceed. These are links that discuss the tourism issue and studies on how this has played out in other areas.

- 1593 - [March 13, 2015] - Natural gas Now, Tom Shepstone - Natural gas Now - "Fracking and Tourism Growing Together in Bradford County"
"Fracking and tourism, contrary to the speculation of fractivists, can and do grow together. Bradford County, Pennsylvania tourism numbers prove it.
...Like most fractivists, Wes feels no compulsion to offer anything in the way of argument beyond his own baseless speculation. Facts are strictly optional. Unfortunately for Wes, though, there are facts–plenty of facts–and they show the exact opposite of what he speculates."
- 1790 - [April 30, 2015] - NA, Susan M. Christopherson, - "Sources of Economic Development in the Finger Lakes Region: The Critical Importance of Tourism and Perceptions of Place"
"The proposal of Finger Lakes LPG Storage, LLC to build a new liquid petroleum gas (LPG) storage and transportation facility (Project) in the Town of Reading, New York, raises concerns about how increased industrialization of the western shore of Seneca Lake will affect economic development around the lake and in the wider Finger Lakes region. 1 In this report, I address that question by exploring the socio-economic context of the Project, with special attention to the branding of the region as a destination for tourism."
- 1872 - [May 14, 2015] - food&waterwatch, Hugh MacMillan - "Could Fracking Ruin Your Vacation?"
"As the start of summer draws ever closer, Americans and international tourists will begin to flock to U.S. National Parks, Forests, and other public lands for summer vacations, recreation and appreciation of our natural heritage. But there is something threatening the future of these lands and the communities that surround our national parks. Fracking.
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