Garrett County and Natural Gas - Risks and Benefits

A selection of categorized links to allow one to assess the risks and benefits of gas development in Garrett Conty.

Garrett County Montage


Various taxes are imposed once a well starts producing. How these taxes play in the gas development process are discussed in the following links.

- 1334 - [February 12, 2015] - The Columbus Dispatch, Editorial - "Shale drillers should pay - Governor’s severance-tax plan is fair for industry and for taxpayers"
"Oil and gas drillers know a good thing when they see it, and that’s why they want Ohio’s low severance tax on drilling to remain just as it is so that they can maximize their profit for extracting Ohio’s irreplaceable natural resources.
But it’s a raw deal for Ohio’s taxpayers, so legislators should get on board with Gov. John Kasich’s proposed increase in the severance-tax rate. It’s a reasonable rate that would leave plenty of room for drillers to profit while giving Ohioans their fair share."
- 1340 - [February 12, 2015] - Northcentral, By Feed: News from Marcellus Shale Coalition in Gas Industry - "New Energy Taxes Threaten Local Shale Benefits, Small Businesses & Labor Jobs"
"Yesterday, Gov. Tom Wolf formally rolled out his new energy tax proposal, which has been described as “outrageously onerous” and “a race to the bottom.”"
- 1341 - [NA] - Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives, Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives - "Dangers of a Natural Gas Severance Tax"
"Given the fiscal challenges facing the state, many advocacy groups are calling for new taxes on natural gas. However, lawmakers should be aware that a severance tax will make Pennsylvania less attractive for gas drillers. Tax increases will not solve the long-term fiscal problems facing our state, with budgetary drivers like pension costs and welfare growing faster than our economy. Finally, this tax increase will victimize Pennsylvania landowners who will see their royalty checks shrink and small business owners who provide products and services to gas drillers."
- 1467 - [September 10, 2014] - U.S.News & World Report, Alan Neuhauser - "Study: As Oil and Gas Boom, Energy Taxes Fall"
"States are charging less and less to allow oil and gas companies to drill more and more.
A new report finds that state taxes on thousands of new oil and gas wells have remained the same or even fallen during the past decade, even as the country’s domestic energy boom has pushed energy sector profits ever higher."
- 1743 - [April 14, 2015] - CINCINATTI!com, Alison Auciello, Food & Water Watch - "Taxing fracking won't make it safe"
"The “fracking tax” has been at the center of Gov. John Kasich’s policy for years now, even while local impacts keep piling up. Governor Kasich’s budget bill originally included an income tax cut – one that would disproportionately benefit the wealthiest Ohioans – offset by usage-based taxes. One of those usage-based taxes was an increase in severance taxes on the controversial oil and gas drilling practice more commonly known as fracking."