Garrett County and Natural Gas - Risks and Benefits

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Articles describing as a major component the strict political issues that are at stake.

- 1314 - [February 4, 2015] - The Daiy Signal, Ron Arnold - "Obama Rejects Arctic Oil and Gas Drilling. Is Putin Preparing to Come and Take It?"
"Will President Obama’s new drilling policy give the Arctic over to Russian domination?
The anger, outrage and frustration in Alaska are palpable after the president stripped the state of vast stores of its oil and gas wealth. His reckless offshore oil and gas restrictions reduced Alaska’s Arctic Ocean presence to one exploration site each in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas and left us with the lowest number of prospects in the history of the Outer Continental Shelf leasing program.
...The United States lacks ships able to operate in or near Arctic ice – two medium icebreakers to Russia’s 25 nuclear-powered monsters that look like battleships. We could send our ships, but Arctic Alaska has scant support facilities and hopelessly inadequate communications...."
- 1315 - [February 4, 2015] - Clean Energy Wire, Sören Amelang - "Bavaria struggles with crucial decision on power lines"
"The debate over grid extensions to balance over-supply of wind power in Germany’s north with high demand in the south continues as the consulting process in Bavaria fails to yield a concrete decision on their necessity.
The southern state of Bavaria has once again postponed a crucial decision over the next step in Germany's energy transition. Following a three-month “Energy Dialogue”, Bavaria’s energy minister, Ilse Aigner, announced that the federal government in Berlin should decide whether electricity “superhighways” are needed to bring power the southern state."
- 1316 - [FEBRUARY 3, 2015] - National Review Online, Tom Rogan - Daily Telegraph - "Russia’s War on Fracking"
"Threatened by low oil prices, Putin is covertly supporting anti-frackers and spreading propaganda.
As a senior archivist for the KGB’s foreign-intelligence directorate, Vasili Mitrokhin had access to a treasure trove of information. He unveiled those secrets after defecting to Britain in 1992.
Today, Russia is waging another active-measures campaign. But this time Russia’s target is fracking. The facts are clear. Fracking, which is revolutionizing energy politics, offers a cheap, new source of global power. But that’s not all. In offering Europe independence from Russian energy exports, fracking poses a direct challenge to Russia. Because Putin depends for revenue on his oil and natural gas-exports, fracking’s cheaper alternative presents him with a big problem. Indeed, lower oil prices are already driving Russia’s economy into recession."
- 1379 - [February 15, 2015] - Charleston Daily Mail, Whitney Burdette, Capitol reporter - "Pooling legislation would ease development of shale gas wells"
"House Bill 2688, introduced by Energy Committee chairman Delegate Woody Ireland, R-Ritchie, would allow property owners to come together and agree to allow gas companies to drill deep horizontal wells on their properties. Under current law, one holdout can prevent development and royalties for all other rights owners. Lease integration, also referred to as forced or fair pooling — depending on which side you’re on — would take care of that. It already exists for shallow Marcellus shale wells, but Ireland said this legislation would allow companies to take advantage of the abundant Utica shale, which lies deep under much of West Virginia."
- 1460 - [January 10, 2014] - HUFF Post Green, Merc Levy - "Pennsylvania Governor Wolf Advances Tougher Gas Drilling Rules"
"A forthcoming proposal to toughen regulations for the Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling industry will target how it stores waste, dampens noise and affects public water resources, schools and playgrounds, state environmental regulators said Monday.
The proposal is the first signal from Gov. Tom Wolf's administration of how it will approach the natural gas industry after the Democrat campaigned last year on a promise to toughen state regulation of the industry. He also is seeking lawmakers' approval of higher taxes on booming natural gas production to boost aid to public schools."
- 1468 - [September 9, 2014] - Catskill MountainKeeper, Erin Burch - "Fracking 2.0 - Fracking After the Ban in NY"
"If someone came into your community and told you that they had to take your land via eminent domain so they could build a gas or oil pipeline;...
that you were going to periodically have to leave your home while regular maintenance was done to protect yourself from the toxins and high decibel sounds that come from gas release; that the toxic emissions from the infrastructure could worsen your child’s asthma, cause other health problems and potentially cause cancer; that your neighbors many miles away could feel the effects of the air pollution; that by having this infrastructure ,New York is aiding the destruction of the places in Pennsylvania that are getting fracked and since gas companies are now applying for export permits, the gas travelling through your community would end up in overseas markets to drive the price of gas higher here in the U.S. - What would you say?"
- 1508 - [March 19, 2015] - Cheasapeake Climate Action Network, Kelly Trout, Communications Director - "Fracking Poll: Strong Majority of Marylanders Want the General Assembly to Put a Long-Term Hold on Risky Drilling"
"Poll results released today show that a strong and bipartisan majority of Maryland voters—more than two-thirds—believe that the General Assembly should pass legislation to put a long-term hold on the practice of fracking for natural gas in Maryland. Advocates pointed to the poll as further evidence that 2015 fracking moratorium legislation, which is slated for a Senate hearing tomorrow afternoon, reflects the will of state voters.
In recent weeks, Washington Post and Goucher polls have also showed that a majority of Marylanders oppose fracking and are worried about major risks it would pose to water resources. The poll released today differed by specifically asking Maryland voters how they believe the state legislature should act on fracking."
- 1509 - [March 2, 2015] - seattlepi, MEREDITH SOMERS, Associated Press - "Amendment to weaken fracking liability bill fails"
"A bill to hold fracking companies more responsible for damages they cause remained intact after senators defeated an amendment Thursday that would have removed words describing the natural gas extraction process as "ultra-hazardous and abnormally dangerous."
The vote pitted lawmakers who say hydraulic fracturing will create economic opportunities in the state against those who say not enough information is known about the drilling method, which pumps highly pressurized water, sand and chemicals into the ground."
- 1510 - [March 19, 2015] - Cheasapeake Climate Action Network, Kelly Trout, Communications Director - "Maryland Farmers, Brewers, and Restaurateurs Call on the General Assembly to Pass a Fracking Moratorium"
"Over 50 food professionals warn lawmakers: 'clean water and healthy soil' is vital to business.
Warning that clean water and healthy soil are vital to their economic success, 56 Maryland food business owners and professionals are delivering a letter to the General Assembly today urging lawmakers to pass a moratorium on fracking in the state.
“Our livelihoods depend on pure water, healthy soil, and clean air and would be irreversibly damaged by hydraulic fracturing,” the letter states on behalf of farmers, chefs, restaurant owners, brewers, winemakers, cheesemakers, retailers, cider-makers, and more."
- 1516 - [October 2, 2014] - U.S.News & World Report, Alan Neuhauser - "Obama Tightens Fracking Regs, Requires Chemical Disclosure"
"Taking the federal government’s most forceful step to regulate hydraulic fracturing – the controversial oil and gas technology fueling both America’s energy boom and widespread health and safety concerns – the Obama administration on Friday announced stricter measures to protect groundwater from fracking operations on more than 750 million acres of federal and tribal lands.
Fracking companies will be required to disclose the chemicals they use to crack open underground shale oil and gas, and to contain toxic wastewater in rigid, aboveground tanks outfitted with nets or other covers – both to prevent spills and to keep wildlife away. Firms will also need to ensure new wells will not interfere with existing operations in efforts to avoid catastrophic spills or blowouts."
- 1519 - [March 20, 2015] - PowerSource - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Laura Legere / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - "Natural gas industry criticizes Pennsylvania DEP"
"Natural gas industry trade groups railed against the state Department of Environmental Protection’s proposed changes to rules governing the industry at an advisory board meeting on Friday, saying they are being held to stricter standards than those that apply to similar industries.
Representatives of the Robinson-based Marcellus Shale Coalition and the Wexford-based Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association questioned the agency’s legal authority to make some of its proposed changes, and criticized the DEP for offering little warning before proposing new standards for subjects like noise mitigation and waste reporting requirements"
- 1581 - [March 25, 2015] - ACE - Lexiton Weekly Newspaper, Atanas Golev - "Kentucky Fracking Protested at Berea Meeting"
"Close to 400 people attended a public meeting on the night of January 27th at the Russell Acton Folk Center in Berea to learn about hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, as it’s better known. About 100 people were turned away at the door because of fire-code regulations. Inside, chairs filled, people stood along the walls. Kentucky Environmental Foundation (KEF), Sierra Club, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC), Kentucky Heartwood and Kentucky Resources Council (KRC) organized the meeting, which featured two main speakers: Bill Hughes of Wentzel County, West Virginia, where fracking has become part of the landscape, and Tom Fitzgerald, environmental lawyer and founder of KRC."
- 1584 - [March 25, 2015] - Los Angeles Times - Nation, Tina Tusman - "In New York state, fracking ban fuels secession talk"
"From this village of dairy farms and friendly diners, Carolyn Price can see across the border into Pennsylvania, and it is a bittersweet view. The rolling hills a few miles away are as green as the ones here, and the Susquehanna River is icy and beautiful on both sides of the state line as it meanders toward the Atlantic.
Price sees something else, though: towns brimming with money extracted from the gas-rich Marcellus Shale, where the high-pressure drilling method known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has spurred an economic boom.
It is a different story here on the New York side, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo in December declared a statewide ban on fracking — one of only two in the country — saying he was not convinced it is safe."
- 1587 - [March 25, 2015] - EnergyInDepth - Marcellus, Joe Massaro - "Anti-Fracking Groups Spread Misinformation in Maryland"
"Earlier this week, a number of anti-fracking groups led by Food & Water Watch and a handful of business owners staged a protest in Annapolis, Md. to deliver signed petitions to legislators calling for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the state. Judging from the tweets during the event, it seems that none of the speakers have ever visited Pennsylvania, where shale development has been taking place safely for over a decade."
- 1588 - [March 12, 2015] - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Janice Crompton / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - "Washington County residents speak against gas drilling"
"Gas well drilling companies can't be counted on to follow the raft of ordinance changes being proposed in Peters, claim a group of Washington County residents who imparted what they said were their experiences with Marcellus Shale drilling to council Monday.
“This is a cautionary tale,” said JoAnne Wagner of Mount Pleasant Township, where the first Marcellus well was drilled 10 years ago. “Drillers not only take an inch, they take a mile. They will ignore your ordinances and do what they want to do.”"
- 1624 - [March 30, 2015] -, Barry Rascovar - "Rascovar: Fracking follies at the State House"
"Shakespeare, as usual, had it right. “Full of sound and fury signifying nothing.” That describes the squabbling in Annapolis over hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as “fracking.”
It is a phantom issue in Maryland.
Environmentalists and do-gooder legislators are panicked that fracking will mean earthquakes, tainted drinking water, dirty air, despoliation of pristine farmland and other biblical plagues. They want to bar this drilling procedure forever in Maryland.
Never mind that wide-spread fracking has been going on since 1950. In those 65 years, more than one million wells have been fracked, in which a combination of water, sand and chemicals is pumped under high pressure deep into shale formations. This fractures the rock and sends deposits of oil and/or natural gas gushing to the surface"
- 1629 - [NA] - The Washington Post, Jenna Johnson and Ovetta Wiggins - "As fracking becomes a possibility in Maryland, lawmakers try to stall it"
"The Maryland House of Delegates passed legislation Tuesday that would forbid natural-gas drilling in the western part of the state for three years, while the state Senate approved a bill that would hold drilling companies financially responsible if things go wrong.
Each bill generated hours of debate and is far from becoming law. Even if approved by the other chamber, either or both bills could be vetoed by Gov. Larry Hogan (R), who has called such drilling “an economic gold mine.”"
- 1730 - [April 21, 2015] - DC Bureau, Peter Mantius, - "Maryland Politics Trumps Science on Fracking"
"wo ambitious Democratic governors in the East faced the same tough choice late last year on whether to allow energy companies to extract natural gas from shale formations through high-volume hydrofracking. One said yes. The other said no."
- 1732 - [March 17, 2015] - AAPG - Energy Policy Blog, NA - "Department of Interior’s New Hydraulic Fracturing Rules Criticized by Congress"
"In late March, the Department of Interior’s (DOI) Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released its long awaited final rule on hydraulic fracturing on public lands. The rule could impact as many as 36 million acres of federal lands in 33 states and approximately 46,000 active federal leases. The rules represent an attempt by the Obama administration to set up a baseline for hydraulic fracturing standards that can be utilized by states to ensure that they are employing the most protective standards."
- 1733 - [April 8, 2015] - WVU Today, -WVU- - "WVU experts say ban on fracking demonstrates the need for comprehensive and reliable scientific data, has negative long-term outcomes"
"West Virginia University experts say that New York state’s ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is a significant decision for its jurisdiction, but it may have long-term limitations. They also warn that comprehensive studies on the environmental impacts of the process are still years away.
The shale-gas industry has seen a recent boom in the United States and is being heralded as a “game changer” for energy markets. But despite the apparent benefits of fracking – the use of pressurized water, sand and chemicals to extract natural gas from shale rock formations deep underground – there is heated public debate about its health and environmental effects"
- 1769 - [November 28, 2011] - U.S.News NEWS, David Catanese - "Hillary earns the ire of fracking opponents"
"A New York anti-fracking group is slamming Hillary Clinton for her "backward, 20th century belief" that a boost in domestic oil and gas extraction is a smart path for the country.
During her 80-minute lecture at Hamilton College this past weekend, the former Secretary of State referenced a report projecting that the U.S. would soon surpass Russia in domestic oil and gas production."
- 1826 - [2015] - raging chicken press, Wendy Lee - "Energy in Depth's Soldiers of Fracking- Fortune: Why We Must Understand Who They Are and What They Do"
"In her excellent PR Watch piece, ““Energy In Depth” – A Reporters’ Guide to Its Founding, Funding, and Flacks,” Lisa Graves spells out in copiously well-documented detail the purposes and funding sources of what can only be called a propaganda machine for corporations involved in hydraulic fracturing:..."
- 1960 - [June 10, 2015] - RH Reality Check, Brie Shea, Investigative Reporting Fellow, RH Reality Check - "Local Control? Texas Fracking Billionaires Say 'Not So Fast'"
"Last month, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill that would, at first blush, seem at odds with the state’s ethos of local control and individual rights.
Commonly referred to as the “Denton Fracking Ban,” the law should actually be called the Fracking-Ban Ban.
That’s because it forbids cities and towns from banning hydraulic fracturing, a technique used to extract methane gas from shale and other below-ground mineral deposits."
- 1961 - [January 1, 2015] - Preserve the Beartooth Front, David Katz - "You’ve probably never heard of the Wilks brothers. They’re about to take away your property rights."
"It should come as no surprise that there was big oil money behind the new Texas law that stops local government from regulating oil and gas. What might shock you is that the same money is about to be used for the same purpose in Montana."