Garrett County and Natural Gas - Risks and Benefits

A selection of categorized links to allow one to assess the risks and benefits of gas development in Garrett Conty.

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A collection of links that deal with leasing issues and Marcellus Shale

- 1273 - [February 16, 2014] -, Al Cramblett - "North Township Production Numbers"
"Okay folks, I promised production numbers which are provided below. However, I feel compelled to also provide my personal perspective on the production numbers. Many folks have spent a lot of time trying to estimate their royalty amounts. I never did because I thought that was a futile effort, the reason being that all wells are not created equal. I am now drawing monthly royalties from 5 well's. The production variance among these welds is as much as to 200 percent. There are also other factors that must be considered as follows:..."
- 1282 - [NA] - Penn State Center for Economic and Community Development, TIMOTHY W. KELSEY, ALEX METCALF,AND RODRIGO SALCEDO - "Marcellus Shale: Land Ownership, Local Voice, and the Distribution of Lease and Royalty Dollars"
"Development of Marcellus shale is having a broad range of positive and negative impacts across many of the Pennsylvania communities where drilling is occurring. It has been an economic opportunity for some residents, an environmental or quality of life concern for other residents, and is generating conflict within many communities. There has been much recent policy debate about the proper role of local government in regulating such natural gas development, and the extent to which local communities should have discretion in deciding whether, where, and how to allow shale gas development"
- 1283 - [October 8, 2014] - CECD RESEARCH PAPER SERIES, Center for Economic and Community Development - "Marcellus Shale and Local Economic Activity: What the 2013 Pennsylvania State Tax Data Say"
"Development of Marcellus shale has brought many changes to parts of the Commonwealth since drilling began in select Pennsylvania counties in 2007. It is evident that this drilling for natural gas economically benefits the shale companies and energy industry; however, the local economic impacts of shale gas development activity are not quite as obvious. This analysis aims to identify the extent to which local economies have been affected by examining the Pennsylvania State Tax data - including residents’ personal taxable income and the state sales tax collections."
- 1284 - [2011] - NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2011, VOL. 83 | NO. 9, Elisabeth N. Radow - "Homeowners and Gas Drilling Leases: Boon or Bust?"
"The Conundrum. Gas companies covet the shale gas deposits lying under homes and farms in New York’s Marcellus Shale region and are pursuing leasing agreements with area property owners. Many homeowners and farmers in need of cash are inclined to say yes. In making their argument, gas companies reassure property owners that the drilling processes and chemicals used are safe. Yet aside from arguments about the relative safety of the extraction process are issues not often discussed, such as the owner’s potential liability and the continued viability of the mortgage.
The property owner can be particularly vulnerable when the drilling process involves high- volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” For example, when Ellen Harrison signed a gas lease agreement in 2008, the company representative made no mention of fracking. Harrison received no details, only the chance for a “win-win” with “clean” gas for the locals and royalties for her. Like most Americans, Harrison has a mortgage loan secured by her home. All mortgages, Harrison’s included, prohibit hazardous activity and hazardous substances on the property."
- 1291 - [NA] - Penn State Extension, Penn State Extension - "A Landowner's Guide to Leasing Land in Pennsylvania"
"Every day, news headlines bring us the latest developments on gas well drilling and all the topics surrounding it— economic, environmental, legal, and social. With some estimates of up to $1 trillion in recoverable gas from Marcellus shale in Pennsylvania alone, clearly natural gas devel - opment isn’t going away anytime soon—and the industry will continue to have a major economic impact on individuals and communities in the Commonwealth and beyond for years to come.
...Many landowners are realizing significant income by leasing their property to gas companies for exploration and drilling. Maybe a gas company representative or landman has knocked on your door, asking you to sign a lease that grants permission to explore or drill for natural gas on your land. How do you decide what to do?..."
- 1436 - [March 4, 2015] - The New York Times, Ian Urbina, Jeremy Ashkenas, and Jo Craven McGinty - "Drilling Down: Oil and Gas Leases"
"The New York Times has collected more than 111,000 oil and gas leases and related documents through open records requests made to more than six dozen counties with rich natural gas prospects. Over 100,000 of the documents in the archive are from Tarrant County, Tex., roughly 3,200 are from New York, and the remainder are from states including Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia."
- 1437 - [NA] - The New York Times, Ian Urbina and Jo Craven McGinty - "Learning Too Late of the Perils in Gas Well Leases"
"After Scott Ely and his father talked with salesmen from an energy company about signing the lease allowing gas drilling on their land in northeastern Pennsylvania, he said he felt certain it required the company to leave the property as good as new.
So Mr. Ely said he was surprised several years later when the drilling company, Cabot Oil and Gas, informed them that rather than draining and hauling away the toxic drilling sludge stored in large waste ponds on the property, it would leave the waste, cover it with dirt and seed the area with grass. He knew that waste pond liners can leak, seeping contaminated waste."
- 1752 - [December 13, 2012] - Alleghany College, The Bousson Advisory Group - "How the Leasing Process Works"
"Allegheny College has been approached by several natural gas leasing consultants offering their services since Allegheny’s Bousson Environmental Research Reserve is presumed to be within an area of interest to natural gas drilling companies. Consultants profess to offer geological and market information necessary to make an intelligent and knowledgeable decision regarding leasing. While Allegheny has made no commitment to pursue a leasing contract or work with a leasing consultant, we are learning as much as we can about the process in order to make an informed decision that serves the best interests of the college. More information about leases can be found here."
- 1863 - [AP Update: Penn. water study secret conflict of interest] - Center for Rural Affairs, Brandon Gerstle - "Giving Landowners the Power in Assembling Transmission Corridors"
"To implement renewable energy resources in a meaningful way, new high-voltage transmission lines are needed. The development of new transmission lines will allow our nation’s most ample sustainable resources, such as wind and solar, to replace dirty and imported alternatives. Some engineers estimate that seven billion dollars of transmission investment is required over the next 17 years to properly implement such renewable energy generation."
- 1873 - [May 5, 2015] -, Kaley Lynch | Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, N.Y. - "Pendleton residents rally against compressor"
"Residents of the town of Pendleton are resisting National Fuel’s plan to put a 22,000 horsepower compressor in a residentially zoned area off of Beach Ridge Road.
Citing concerns about noise, pollution and quality of life reduction, residents packed Monday’s town board meeting to address the board about the issue.
Although National Fuel had been seeking to place a compressor in Pendleton as part of the company’s Northern Access 2016 project for some time, Supervisor Jim Riester said he didn’t receive an official confirmation from the fuel company until April 19."