Garrett County and Natural Gas - Risks and Benefits

A selection of categorized links to allow one to assess the risks and benefits of gas development in Garrett Conty.

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Accidents come in various forms. This is a collection of links with accidents that are explosions.

- 1702 - [October 4, 2014] - CommonDreams, Andrea Germanos - "Explosion at Fracking Well Sparks Fire Set to Rage for Days"
"An explosion at a natural gas fracking well in Pennsylvania on Tuesday has sent one person to the hospital, left one person injured and sparked a fire that could take days to contain.
According to a statement from well operator Chevron, the fire broke out at approximately 6:45 Tuesday morning at their well in Dunkard Township in Greene County, about 50 miles south of Pittsburgh."
- 1703 - [February 11, 2014] - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Molly Born and Sean D. Hamill / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - "Greene County shale well continues burning"
"It is the worst fear of anyone who works on a natural gas well.
A spark or an error on the job results in a potentially deadly well fire that burns out of control, causing even more danger to the experts who have to be flown in to contain the blaze.
That's the situation in Dunkard, Greene County, after something caused a Marcellus Shale gas well owned by Chevron to catch fire just before 7 a.m. Tuesday, leaving one employee with a minor injury and another worker missing and feared dead."