Garrett County and Natural Gas - Risks and Benefits

A selection of categorized links to allow one to assess the risks and benefits of gas development in Garrett Conty.

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Decline Curve

Articles and reports about the development and use of the decline curve of well production.

- 1802 - [January 4, 2015] - Fekete, NA - "Traditional Decline Analysis Theory"
"Decline analysis is a reservoir engineering empirical technique that extrapolates trends in the production data from oil and gas wells. The purpose of a Decline analysis is to generate a forecast of future production rates and to determine the expected ultimate recoverable (EUR) reserves."
- 1804 - [May 1, 2015] - Society of Petroleum Engineers, Inc., Kewen Li, and Roland N. Horne - "A Decline Curve Analysis Model Based on Fluid Flow Mechanisms"
"Decline curve analysis models are frequently used but still have many limitations. Approaches of decline curve analysis used for naturally-fractured reservoirs developed by water flooding have been few. To this end, a decline analysis model derived based on fluid flow mechanisms was proposed and used to analyze the oil production data from naturally fractured reservoirs developed by water flooding."
- 1805 - [2003] - Fekete, NA - "Fetkovich Typecurve Analysis Theory"
"Fetkovich recognized that decline curve analysis was only applicable during the depletion period (i.e. when production is in boundary-dominated flow), and thus the early production life of a well (i.e. when production is in transient flow) was not analyzable by the conventional decline curve methods."
- 1806 - [NA] - Society of Petroleum Engineers, Gary S. Swindell - "Eagle Ford Shale - An Early Look at Ultimate Recovery"
"Although the Eagle Ford shale is early in its history, the study provides a comprehensive examination of per well recovery and decline data in the South Texas trend using the latest production information up to early 2012."
- 1835 - [May 5, 2015] - Forbes, Michael Lynch - "Shale Gas Production And High Decline Rates"
"...The two technical buzz words/terms often thrown up are ‘decline rates’ and ‘energy return on energy invested’ (EROEI), which are cited as suggesting that conventional petroleum supplies are, or will soon be, declining. Peak oil advocates were quick to seize on these concepts, but those who are merely pessimistic about supply still bring them up...."
- 1839 - [NA] -, - "Production and Royalty Declines in a Natural Gas Well Over Time"
"Lots of property owners who signed a lease in one of the natural gas shale plays such as the Marcellus, Barnett, Haynesville, Fayetteville, Bakken, Utica and Eagle Ford are now receiving monthly or quarterly royalty payments. Many of these people were pleasantly surprised with the size of their first royalty check -- but then shocked to see the size of subsequent checks fall rapidly.
There was nothing wrong with their well. Sharp declines are normal. "
- 1975 - [June 1, 2015] - GASTAR, Hunton Production Metrics - "Well Results - Cumulative Production Averages"
"A couple of tables with well production data for about 40 wells that could possibly be used to create decline curves."