Garrett County and Natural Gas - Risks and Benefits

A selection of categorized links to allow one to assess the risks and benefits of gas development in Garrett Conty.

Garrett County Montage


Compressors and compressor stations are needed to move the gas around. The size of the compressor depends on many factors, including the amount of gas that must be moved, the distance between compressor stations, the diameter of the pipe, temperature, etc.

- 1873 - [May 5, 2015] -, Kaley Lynch | Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, N.Y. - "Pendleton residents rally against compressor"
"Residents of the town of Pendleton are resisting National Fuel’s plan to put a 22,000 horsepower compressor in a residentially zoned area off of Beach Ridge Road.
Citing concerns about noise, pollution and quality of life reduction, residents packed Monday’s town board meeting to address the board about the issue.
Although National Fuel had been seeking to place a compressor in Pendleton as part of the company’s Northern Access 2016 project for some time, Supervisor Jim Riester said he didn’t receive an official confirmation from the fuel company until April 19."
- 1903 - [NA] - PowerSource | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Braden Kelner / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - "Quiet please: Companies find market in silencing natural gas compressor stations"
"Atop a hill above a barn lies a facility alongside Brigich Road with a set of churning machines as loud as helicopters.
The culprits are engines and fans that power the compressors that pressurize natural gas to push it through pipelines on its journey away from well pads.
But the noise reaching the barn at the bottom of the hill is virtually nonexistent, thanks to the structure housing the engines. The humming that escapes is no louder than two people talking at the MarkWest facility’s fence line, the result of work by engineers from Steel Nation, Inc. in Washington, Pa."